Thursday, October 19, 2006

Crowd Control

As a long-time bearer of the name, Michael, it has been my common experience in public places to hear my name (that it to say the name "Michael" or "Mike") called out at a distance to attract someone's attention. Under such circumstances, in which it is likely that there may be more than one "Mike" I usually don't respond unless I am sure I can recognize the voice calling out. Is that rude?

I think I learned this behavior as a young child. When I heard my name called out in school, I would turn toward the caller, just like all the other Mikes in the room. This makes a kind of meerkat choreography, which is a little embarassing when it turns out that some other Michael is being summoned.

I wonder if there is a coping system that can be used in crowd situations to avoid shunning friends and associates, but to avoid the problem of responding without being recognized.


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