Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Michaels of Minor Renown

While this blog is really filling up with famous and important Michaels, it also has a little room for some of those of medium importance, hasn't it?

This nominee has the most unusual designation as a "tub-thumper" which I will let you figure out by visiting the website: http://thumpingthetub.blogspot.com/ This Michael is from Scotland, so his words must be imagined with a Scottish burrrr.

In the meantime, we are open to nominations for the minor division of notable Michaels.


Blogger Michelle said...

Interesting, this Mike. He's included some images of propaganda posters on his site, and notes that his blog is 'not finished yet."

Is a blog ever finished? Is any work of writing ever finished? You can put it to bed, but is it "done?"

6:33 AM  

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