Monday, November 27, 2006

A Pause for Thanksgiving

We on the Mike Committee took a Thanksgiving respite from our harried committee work to enjoy the comforts of food, family and frantic prepartions for Christmas, which is just glorious four weeks away. As Mikes, we have much to be grateful for:

1) Our namesake who slayed Satan, or depending on which account you read or piece of artwork you view, the dragon, or Satan manifest as the dragon. Without him taking out the bad guys, it'd be a whole lot hotter, OJ would never get his book past the front door of a publishing house, and socialism would reign.

2) The Beatles--without them and the tune Michelle that my mother first heard on the radio in December 1965 and decided to brand me with, I and 1 gagillion other females would never BE Mikes, since the song resulted in a boom of little "Ma Belles."

3) Life cereal stopped running those commercials about 15 years ago, "He likes it; Hey, Mikey!"

4) Other Mikes on the committee--add the things you are thankful for here...


Blogger MikeP said...

Including Michelle Pfeiffer? Michel Marceau?

8:08 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Funny story. Years ago,about the time the TIm Burton film Batman was released, I'm standing in a parking lot with a bunch of softball players and their families. One guy is telling a bunch of other guys what a fabulous actress Michelle Pfeiffer is, and how fantastic she is in the Batman film as Catwoman.He assigns this praise: "She is one of the few actresses who refuses to take a bad role." I stepped into their little circle: " Grease 2? Married to the MOb?" That shut up MrSiskel&Ebert.

9:09 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Isn't it MARCEL Marceau? I don't know if mimes qualify for Mike-dom.

I do have a funny mime story, too. (of course you do, Michelle!) This lesson is entitled,"kindergartners should not be permitted to watch The Simpsons."A few years ago, we were in Mackinac City stolling in the commons area watching the evening entertainment, which included jugglers, magicians, acrobats, and a MIME. I wandered off and left my husband and son to watch the show.

I returned to a mortified husband who told me that the mime approached our son,the budding comedian, who said. "I hate mimes! Let's Kill the mime!" The performer responded by feigning tears, and my husband responded by apologizing, having a long chat with our son, and forcing the boy to apologize to the man whose life he'd threatened. "Why in the world would you say that?" he was asked. "I heard it on The Simpsons! Bart said it!"

9:55 AM  
Blogger MikeP said...

Oh right--MARCEL--like the potato chips. But MIKESELLS makes marcel potato chips, so I'm good, no?

11:11 AM  

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