Wednesday, February 21, 2007

"No More Mike"

I did a search on Technorati for any blogs with the word Mike in them. I found this gem, written by Portia on LiveJournal just 17-minutes ago. Let's call it Scorned by Mike.

Technorati is a webstie that catalogs about 70 million blogs. You can use the page to compile and access all your favorites, or simply search to find out "WHo is saying what, right now," which is the subhead on Technorati's main page.

When I searched for "Mike," my results page came up with this text:

Do you know something about Mike?
Write a quick explanation of the buzz around Mike. We call these explanations WTFs, and the best explanation (you can vote!) will show up at the top of this page. Let millions of other people benefit from your genius, no blog required.
Write a WTF about Mike »
Write a WTF about anything »
Hmmmm...It is tempting. ...If any of you Mikes out there care to try....


Blogger MikeP said...

What is Technorati? Where do you find these things?

12:46 PM  

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