Monday, April 30, 2007

Michelles in Music

We've been ignoring our feminine side, so today's post centers on Michelles in music.
Of course, the Michelle theme song, appropriately entitled Michelle, is perhaps the most famous Michelle in music.

There is also Michelle Shocked, and Michelle Branch.
Can you think of any others?

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Rising to Power?

We are making progress in our goals--this time in running for Faculty Senate. As our union rep. says," I would recommend voting only for the 'two Michaels,' so our vote will have more impact." Three Michaels on the ballot include two from the non-tenure ranks.

Advice from a Michael on the committee was shared at a recent mailbox room meeting: "Be careful what you wish for . . . " Well, as one of the Michaels in question, I knew what he was referring to, but certainly didn't want to abandon the goal. Knowing the likely consequences shouldn't be reason not to try--which is to say that becoming Senator Mike would only have a statutory effect for those in the second tier.

Nevertheless, the long term effect for the next generation could be fruitful. So I must pioneer.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Michael, you maniac!

Today is the birthday of Michael Sembello, best and perhaps only known for his 15-minutes of fame as the writer and performer of the 1983 song, "Maniac," aka the theme from the movie Flashdance.

The Oscar-nominated musician is a member of Stevie Wonder's band, and has worked with Sting, The Temptations, Art Garfunkel, to name a few. He lists the soundtrack of Gremlins in his credits.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Appleseed Musings

Michael Pollan describes the character of Johnny Appleseed in one of his many books. Pollan's gift for journalisic integrity paints a clear picture of the vagabond who is credited with spreading apple trees throughout the Ohio valley.

So if we can speculate on Thoreau's blogging habits, we should also muse on the kinds of postings this more local hero might have produced. Or perhaps not have posted. He seems to have been a person of few words and great wanderings. Perhaps he is the inspiration for those who lurk about the blog world, silently observing.

April showers

Nature is most evident as a force in April. So figures like Appleseed and Thoreau, bowing to the power of nature, lead us to wonder about the landscapes we live in. Should they be well-tended like golf courses? Or allowed to grow weedily? Is a field of green improved by planting a baseball field in its midst? The same must be asked about the blogs we make. How should we tend them?

Are these blogs written for spectators, lurkers, or wanderers? That seems to be the question I come across frequently when I wander through the blogscape. Bloggers who question why they blog and if they have a duty to keep it going.

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