Monday, December 29, 2008

A Mike in the Cabinet

President-elect Barack Obama makes a wise move (or is it a wise non-move?) in keeping Michael Chertoff in his post as Director of Homeland Security. Chertoff is already advising Obama not to rush to close Guantanamo Bay, citing the difficulties of trying detainees in stateside civil courts.
Chertoff, described by some as a neo-con, had more than a hand in the Patriot Act, and is a vigilant supporter of hard-nosed immigration reforms.
Another Mike, Conservative blogger Michelle Malkin, writes: "A look at Chertoff's strong, aggressive record and statements on homeland security shows that Chertoff supports the kind of hard-headed, threat-profiling measures and immigration enforcement opposed by the anti-profiling zealots."
While happy that Chertoff will stay, this Mike predicts Chertoff will resign by July 1 in frustration.