Tuesday, May 15, 2007

College by Mike!

What is it like to go to a college named after Mike?
Check out this site for the blogs written by students at Saint Michael's College in Vermont:

I wonder how many students there are named Michael or Michelle? Wouldn't that be the ultimate marketing strategy for college admission. Who was it that said all college brochures eventually resemble small New England colleges.
This picture is the librarian at SMC. Her name is Michele McCaffrey. Coincidence? Here's the spotlight info on her:
Michele McCaffrey

Title: Reference and Instruction Librarian

Education: B.A., M.L.S. Indiana University;
M.A. Middlebury College

Areas of Expertise/Research Interests:
Research methods and strategies; Italian

Testimonial: It would be impossible to be
bored on this campus.

What do you like about Saint Michael's students? Their curiosity and desire to learn. They seem to appreciate the help they receive at the reference desk and when they articulate
this to me I feel like I’ve made a positive difference in their academic
experience. Sometimes we get to be friends as well.

What is your favorite class to teach, and why? I teach Research in an Electronic Environment. The class varies depending on the students’ backgrounds and interests. It is such a good
foundation course for the whole college experience at Saint Michael's and I
enjoy seeing students acquire new skills and become more independent and able
learners and researchers.
OK, so post any names of other colleges named after Michaels, if you can find them.